Whether we claim to love or hate smiling for the camera,  I'll bet secretly we each want some great pictures to remember special moments by because life matters to each of us. Whether photographing your family, a new product you're working on, or just celebrating a fun time - my goal is to seize the moment, keep it simple, fun, & something you'll love looking back on. Feel free to reach out & coffee is always on me.


- Kitling W.


I'm adopted from Thailand. I'm known to be super random when it comes to interests and adventures. I'm just a curious sort of person who can get excited about pretty much anything. I love to learn about other people's hobbies & their stories. I'm addicted to chocolate. I work full time & do photography on the side. I like to think I'm going to exercise and eat healthy but I haven't gotten there quite yet.




Life matters because people matter